Our Work


Through this first Platform, works created by Cambodian choreographers were created, developed and showcased alongside highlights from our ongoing international collaborations. Three works were presented.

“If dance truly is the hidden language of the soul, then contemporary Cambodia is having a global conversation”
-Cassandra Naji, November ’13, The Advisor


  Bach Cello Suites

Chumvan Sodhachivy (Belle)

Chumvan Sodhachivy (Belle), Kao Sithy Nita,
Khen Vanthy, Yon Chantha

Note from choreographer:
“Four of us talked and shared our stories. We found common things in our life, living with our families and in this society. The movements are about pressure from family, lack of caring, humiliation such as ‘A girl is unable to lift and turn a cooker around’ (a Cambodian expression for girls being unnecessary and trivial), and the absence of freedom to do what we want.”

Nam Narim

Chey Rithea, Chy Lina, Khon Chansina,
Khon Chan Sithyka, Noun Sovitou, Nget Rady

Note from choreographer:
“Inspiration and things around us can penetrate into us and change us. No? What do you think?”

  Ferocious Compassion

Peter Chin (International collaborator)

Chy Ratana (Leak)

Note from choreographer:
In this work, a series of transformations are ritualized: a dancer speaks about wearing a Lakhaon mask, a boy emerges from innocence when he is filled with compassion for a dead animal by the side of the road on the way to see his teacher, and a boy discovers an inner strength and ferocious discipline through his identification with a wild animal.






Images by Anders Jiras